The word Sport has its English definition traced back to the 1300, its origin is from a French word desport which means to have leisure. The other meaning of this is to include events staged for gambling; game diversions; hunting and those involving physical exercise. The word refers to an activity involved in for delight and relaxation.

This is totally different from a leisure activity. The Sport Accord is the head of all the international  federations which include athletics, tennis, association football and more. According to Accord,  should incorporate some element of competition between the participants, should be of no harm to living creature, should not use equipment’s that are only provided by a sole supplier and finally it should not rely on any luck that is custom made.



Lately there has been a rapid increase in the use of the term sport to broader contexts of non-physical agility. This is because of the upcoming sporting events being organized on a massive scale. However, such sports are not recognized by international mainstream bodies.

Sports often involve demanding physical exercise and activities designed to use, retain, and enhance the sporting skills and physical capabilities of players involved. Sports weigh heavily in their contribution to the entertainment industry, this is made possible through the numerous channels in the media or a live audience in the venue.

Sporting events commonly involve competition between two teams, each striving to outshine its opponents. Sports like football have draws or tie; whereas others have methods to make sure there is only a sole winner and loser. This happens in sporting events that require a title holder.

Sporting activities Online

Annual title holders are selected by having sporting events taking place often in the so called sports seasons. This is thereafter followed by playoffs. There are numerous sporting activities and games consisting of teams or individuals. The contesting rules vary with the sporting event at hand, for instance racing sports require players to compete with the rest of the players involved, his ensures that every participant gets to face the others and the overall winner is rewarded.

Many people view sporting activities as revolving around athletics and physical agility, this belief has its origin from the world’s largest sporting events such as Olympia Games which only allows that are in line with this definition. Organizations like the Council of Europe have classifications that disqualify sporting activities without physical agility.

Nevertheless, mind sports have been recognized despite being non-physical. Bridge and Chess are recognized by the International Olympic committee as genuine sports. Chess, Bridge, Go, Draughts, and Xianggi are recognized by the International Sports Federation Association as non-physical games, however the Federation is very strict and limits the number of non-physical activities that are renown.

In abide to ensure impartial competition and get the right deserving winner, its only right to have rules and regulations that govern the games. Most sporting activities require players to physically score or get to certain areas so as to be considered winners.

List of Sports

Historical data on performance is stored especially for major sporting activities, it is then availed to the media for broadcast in the sports news. Spectators enjoy a great deal of entertainment, major sporting events such as football attract large crowds. The global sporting industry is worth hundreds of billions. Running is the most practiced around the globe and football is the best spectator sport.

The list of games includes; such as aerobatics, archery, ball over net games, basketball, bat and ball, baton twirling, board sports, catch games, climbing, cycling, combat sports, weapons, cue  among others.

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