Nice Method to Use in Online Summer Dream Slot Mobile Game

Enjoying the sunny summer in the middle of a tropical beach area seems to be the dream summer to be the desire of every human being. Especially if you can relax on the beach while enjoying the white sand, the curve of sexy women, and special food dish. This dream may not be easy to achieve; however, you can still enjoy the same nice method to use in online summer dream slot mobile game. Moreover, you will not only enjoy the summer dream, you also had the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of millions of jackpots available.

Summer Dream slot game is a game that was developed by one of the leading game developers slot: GamesOS provider in Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website. The developer never fail to provide any slot game in accordance with the access devices that are commonly used by the players. That is why the game Summer Dream is now available in a mobile version and can be played wherever you are.

Nice Method to Use in Online Summer Dream Slot Mobile Game

Nice Method to Use in Online Summer Dream Slot Mobile Game
Nice Method to Use in Online Summer Dream Slot Mobile Game

Betting in the Summer

The summer that was bright and pleasant illustrated clearly on the game Summer Dream. You can enjoy a graphical display that is truly designed in detail to make every player lulled by the atmosphere in the summer. 3-D graphics in this game makes you seemed to be on the beach staring at the beautiful women with sexy bikini. However, you should not be swayed by the temptations that are in the game Summer Dream. The chance of getting a profit from the game also in Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins is much more interesting than the 3D graphics that can not be taken home.

Bets on Summer Dream slot game can be played with coin prices range from 1 cent to $ 1. This game has a jackpot reaches 3,000 coins that will be earned by the player if successfully landed five symbols sexy blonde woman. Not only women blonde, a redhead who will also provide a hot jackpot prize that is not less interesting to the maximum value of 1,000 coins.

Summer Dream slot game has a wild symbol which is represented by the symbol Wild Flower. The symbol can replace any symbol so that it can help to collect more jackpot. Interestingly, you have the opportunity to enjoy the game features MegaWild. This feature will appear if you land a wild symbol on the third reel. Features MegaWild will create wild symbols appear to meet the whole screen. You might get lucky very much due to the piles of wild symbols which have never previously suspected.

Bonus Round

To make the players getting complacent with the wildest dreams of summer, GamesOS provide bonus round features are active on certain conditions. The first bonus round is Shoppy Cheer Bonus. You will go into this round if symbol Shoppy Cheer managed to get 3 or more. You will become a maniac shopping and want to buy goods that are available in the shop on the beach. Every item you buy store bonus with a value many times than you bet.

The next bonus round is a round of Summer Girls Bonus. Be careful on this round, and avoid the temptation contained therein. That’s because you have the opportunity to take off from a woman sexy bikini. Every time you remove one part of a bikini, a mysterious bonus reward will be gained by a number of very lucrative.

Basically, the game Summer Dream seeks to bring your wildest dreams in the summer in the form of slot games at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. You even get more than just wildest dreams. Make sure that you are ready to resist the temptation of beautiful women in the summer. You see, the prizes that you can win at the Summer Dream slot game is too good to pass up.

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