Electronic games

E-game in other words known as Electronic game, these are games that are played by the aid of electronics that are mainly designed for this purpose, most known electronics are either computers, PlayStation, X-box among others, this games are programmed to be supported by this electronics, it does not necessarily mean a PlayStation game can play on a computer, they are programed in formats to be supported by a specific electronic.

E-games are believed to have begun after computers were made, though not exactly the same season but this games went public as from the year 1996, these is when the E-games came popular and people started to buy them and play, since then many companies have been developing this games and selling them to people an example is EA sports, also the games have been improving in terms of graphics and other features since then, the games are getting more real and real as years go by, this makes them to get more and more interesting.

Electronic games

Electronic games
Electronic games

E-games are programs like any other program, they are designed and developed by experts from scratch, developing an E-game on your own or a few people is a large task since it can take a lot of time depending on the quality of the game, a complete E-game has many features installed together, mentioning some, graphics and sound among others. To develop an E-game much faster depending on the quality, the more experts are involved the less the time taken, some may deal with only   graphics, others sounds, others developing characters and so on, delegating of tasks lead to creation of better E-game in terms of all aspects.

E-games are controlled by use of controllers, these controllers are also designed to fit in the players’ hands in the best way, and they have programs installed in them in order to send signals to the main program that is the game, examples of controllers are gamepads, joystick which are mostly used among others, controllers are used to control the characters in a game in the best way desired by the player. Some e-games can support multi-player, this means a single game being played by more than one player and each player controls their own character. Multi-playing was introduced around year 2000, since that is the time some games were played by two people.

2D or 3D Electonic Games

E-games are also under two categories, it is either a 2D or 3D game, this is noted on the difference of the characters, characters in 2D appear as if they are drawn on a piece of paper but characters in 3D are more real as one can see object on a real world.

In conclusion E-games have advantages and disadvantages, the main advantage is that they have created jobs whereby people get employed to develop this games depending on the field the person is, also the games entertain both adults and children but mostly children, they keep them indoors since they are always playing them most of the time. Some businesses have also majored in providing E-games services whereby people pay to play this games it all depends on how the business will charge, some charge high since the games are addictive and also many people want to play hence they bring good income. According to a study it is believed people who play this games are sharper in solving problems since they do solve problems in this games. Disa

dvantages of this games is that they waste lots and lots of time apart from entertainment and sharpening minds I don’t think they help in other ways, they are also expensive to buy.

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